“Tour d’azerbaidjan-2017” – First day winners

Today, the International Cycling Union 2.1 categories of national leader Heydar Aliyev, the 94th anniversary of the “Tour d’azerbaidjan-2017” veloturuna launched.


rb tv reports that the first day of racing the participants from the State Flag Square, start, taking Baku City Executive Power before the finish crossed the line. 150 km) – the fastest of Israel Pro-continental “Israel Cycling Academy” member of the team Mikel Raim has passed, 3 hours, 4 minutes and 11 seconds.

Continental Latvian “Rietumu Bank-Riga” representative team Emils Liepins and Italian Pro-Continental “Nippo Vini Fantini” club velosipedçisi pier Paolo de Neqri stage with the winner of the same time in terms of signing whatever innovations fotofinişə, mostly 2-3-e places were occupied. Continental Azerbaijan “Synergy Baku” team, all members of the total pelotonda complete caused.

Stage winner Mikel Raim, as well as the General classification leadership and raised, and he is blue “Synergy” köynəyinə received. In addition, Raim intermediate sprintlərində the most points, scoring the best Sprinter intended for green “SOCAR” köynəyinə and the owner came out.

Stage, the best mountain velosipedçisi continental Ukraine “Kolss” team member Vitaliy Buts was it red “AZAL” köynəyinə was awarded. USA Pro continental “Novo Nordisk” the club representative Mehdi Benhamuda, and the best young cyclist, and purple the colors of “ATAHOLDING” shirt with co

Velosipedçiləri of the Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan (AzVIF), Vice-President of the European Cycling Union, Steering Committee member Sahib Alekperov, the European Cyclists Vice-President of the Union Alexander Qusyatnikov and Baku, the head of city Executive Power Zakir Faradzhev awards received. In addition, Zakir Faradzhev stage winner and Azerbaijan “Synergy Baku” team special gifts with pleasure.”

4 may competitions of the 2nd round will be held. This time the participants of the capital Baku Ismayıllıyadək of the 187 km distance will take.

Note that in the “Tour d’azerbaidjan-2017” in competition 18 countries of the 22 team has been fighting.


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